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  1. Pavilion Dish
    Sterling Silver 4" Pavilion Dish

    Pavilion Dish

  2. Silver Shooting Beakers Set
    Sterling Silver Hand Engraved Shooting Beakers - Set of 10
    Price On Application

    Shooting Beakers - Cased Set Of 10

  3. Female Figure Paperknife
    Sterling Silver Female Figure Paperknife - Cased

    Female Figure Paperknife

  4. Jockey Whip Paperknife
    Sterling Silver Jockey Whip Paperknife - Boxed

    Jockey Whip Paperknife

  5. Sterling Silver Angel Candlestick
    Sterling Silver 10" Angel Candlestick

    Candlestick with Pair of Angels

  6. 10'' Reaper Scroll Candlestick
    Sterling Silver 10" Grim Reaper Scroll Candlestick

    Candlestick with Grim Reapers

  7. Sterling Silver Base Candlestick
    Sterling Silver Skull Base Candlestick

    Skull Base Candlestick

  8. Five Light Candelabra
    Sterling Silver 12.5 inch 5 Light Candelabra With Seperate Fitting to create one 12.5 inch Stick.

    Five Light Candelabra

  9. Lotus Bowl
    Sterling Silver 5" Lotus Bowl

    Lotus Bowl

  10. Silver Nuvolari Dipstick Paperknife
    Sterling Silver Nuvolari Dipstick Paperknife - Boxed

    Nuvolari Dipstick Paperknife

  11. Small Sweetie jar with Sterling Silver Lid
    Small Sweetie Jar with Sterling Silver Lid

    Sweetie Jar & Lid

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