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  1. Gemfields Emerald Opening Kissing Frogs Ring
    Opening Kissing Frog Ring crafted from 18ct Yellow Gold & 42.66ct Gemfields Emerald & 0.65ct Diamond
    Price On Application

    Gemfields Emerald Opening Kissing Frogs Ring

  2. The Empty Quarter Ring
    When opened, this piece reveals an apparently deserted, desert scene...
    Price On Application

    The Empty Quarter Ring

  3. Colosseum opening ring & magnifying glass
    This incredible creation has been entirely handcrafted in the Theo Fennell London workshop by some of the most outstanding craftsmen in the world. The piece, modelled after the Roman Colosseum which was commissioned in AD72 by Emperor Vespasian, took a total of 160 hours to make
    Price On Application

    Colosseum opening ring & magnifying glass

  4. Henry V Skull Brooch
    . Diamond and Mammoth skull Henry V Brooch set in 18ct Yellow & White Gold, embellished with 0.82ct diamonds.
    Price On Application

    Henry V Skull Brooch

    Exquisitely hand-crafted from 18ct Yellow and Rose Golds, this delightful one off ring takes its inspiration from a traditional Chinese garden and the elegant and beautiful birds that inhabit it.
    Price On Application

    The Chinese Secret Garden Ring

  6. Napoleon Skull Brooch
    18ct Yellow & White Gold 0.35ct Diamond Napoleon Mammoth Ivory Skull Brooch
    Price On Application

    Napoleon Skull Brooch

  7. Four Seasons Locket
    18ct yellow gold, 16.62ct opal, 1.35ct diamond and1.44ct peridot Four Seasons locket
    Price On Application

    Four Seasons Locket

  8.  Moonstone Castle Drawbridge Ring
    18ct yellow gold, moonstone & 0.47ct diamond 0.47ct Castle Drawbridge Ring
    Price On Application

    Moonstone Castle Drawbridge Ring

  9. Bella Donna Opening Ring
    The latest addition to our collection of handcrafted and unique Opening Rings frames a breathtakingly beautiful 15.34ct Cabochan Cut Ethiopian opal with 1.24ct diamonds and 0.99ct yellow sapphires surrounding it.

    Bella Donna Opening Ring

  10. Oak Leaf Locket Pendant
    18ct yellow gold, 47.41ct cabochon burma peridot and engraved oak leaf locket pendant
    Price On Application

    Oak Leaf Locket Pendant

  11. 'Over the Rainbow' Opening Ring
    18ct Yellow Gold Rock Crystal, Diamond 0.61ct & Enamelled Pot Of Gold Rainbow Opening Ring
    Price On Application

    'Over the Rainbow' Opening Ring

    This hand crafted 'wardrobe' ring opens to reveal hand painted enamel scenes of Narnia.
    Price On Application

    18ct Yellow Gold, Enamel Opening Wardrobe Ring

    18ct yellow gold, 9.09ct oval black diamond and 0.47ct pave diamond
    Price On Application

    The Desert Fort opening ring

  14. Oscar Wilde & Lord Alfred Douglas Opening Ring
    Inspired by Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas's badly kept secret, this sensational work hand-crafted from 17ct White and Yellow Gold, features a pair of miniature portraits hand-painted on Mammoth Ivory and a "secret" engraving on the inner lid.

    Oscar Wilde & Lord Alfred Douglas Opening Ring

  15. Sleeping polar bear ring

    Hand-crafted from 18ct White Gold, an exquisitely hand carved Mammoth Bone Polar Bear with her tiny cub lie inside a sculpted rock crystal ‘ice cap’ with dripping diamonds set into the body of the ring.


    Sleeping polar bear ring

  16. Paraiba tourmaline Underwater opening ring
    18ct White Gold 9.47ct Paraiba Tourmaline & 0.88ct Diamond Underwater Opening Ring
    Price On Application

    Paraiba tourmaline Underwater opening ring

  17. Rainforest Opening Key Pendant
    18ct yellow gold, 0.94ct, 0.16ct black diamond and 0.07ct diamond rainforest opening key pendant

    Rainforest Opening Key Pendant

  18. Tropics Opening Key Pendant
    18ct white and yellow gold, 0.45ct black diamond and 0.95ct blue topaz Tropics opening key pendant
    Price On Application

    Tropics Opening Key Pendant

  19. Mammoth Ivory Buddy Holly Ring
    18ct yellow gold mammoth ivory Buddy Holly ring
    Price On Application

    Mammoth Ivory Buddy Holly Ring

  20. John Lennon Opening Ring
    18ct yellow gold John Lennon opening ring set with portrait cameo and hand engraved scene of the Dakota building, New York and the Royal Liver building in Liverpool. Cased in a round box with Imagine miniature single lid.

    John Lennon Opening Ring

    The Ring opens to reveal a hand-painted enamel scene of a long a winding road leading back home.

    18ct Yellow Gold,Emerald 18.96ct &Diamond 0.64ct Enamel Engraved Fern Opening Ring

  22. Northern Lights opening ring
    18ct white gold, 10.80ct black opal and 0.43ct diamond enamelled Northern Lights Ring
    Price On Application

    Northern Lights opening ring

  23. Magpie opening ring
    18ct white gold, 12.59ct rubellite, 0.86ct diamond and 0.33ct opalite eggs Magpie opening ring.
    Price On Application

    Magpie opening ring

  24. Dragon chasing pearl opening ring
    18ct yellow gold, 0.73ct diamond, freshwater pearl & Essex crystal Dragon chasing pearl opening ring
    Price On Application

    Dragon chasing pearl opening ring

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