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Theo Fennell is Britain’s leading jeweller.


Founded in 1982, since when we have been renowned for our imaginative, eclectic, unusual and amazingly crafted pieces. While Theo Fennell's jewels are crafted using traditional materials, they are anything but conventional.


Start discovering the world of Theo Fennell…

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The Man

"Theo Fennell will become one of a handful of names who will be collected in his own right."

Martyn Downer 

Former Director of Jewellery at Sotheby's, London


From Egypt to Pakistan, Theo’s childhood travels still colour his designs…

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“Jewellery and silverware should be engaging and often romantic as well as beautiful. Above all, it should give a thrill of pleasure every time it is looked at or worn.”

Theo Fennell

“Art school taught me the paramount importance of technique and skill.”

Theo Fennell


York and Byam Shaw School of Art led to his passion for design...

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The Beginnings - To Our Days

After his time with Barnard’s Theo established a small workshop in Hatton Garden designing and creating silverware and jewellery…

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The Work

"It is the marriage of design and craftsmanship to beautiful and rare materials that gives romance and prominence to jewellery. It should be personal and life-enhancing.”

Theo Fennell

"I jot down ideas constantly and things I see. Sketching is a very good catalyst to get one's brain working. There is something about sketching that is very intimate- the moment you start taking photos it creates the first degree of separation between you and the object. Sketching, especially in ink where no changes can be made, makes you look more carefully."

Theo Fennell

Unique Designs

The ingenious, eclectic and talismanic pieces that emerge from the workshop all start in the pages of a sketchbook…

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Unique Craftsmen & Workshop

Some of the most talented craftsmen in the world work at Theo Fennell, many of whom have worked with Theo for over 20 years, some over 30. Together they create exceptional and one-off pieces every day.

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'Everyone I take upstairs to the workshop to see how our pieces are made has been astonished and often, profoundly moved by the tremendous work and love that has gone into each piece. This is what I always hope really good jewellery will achieve, and the reaction to our designs is a testament to the skills of the amazing team here.'

Theo Fennell

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Unique Pieces

Theo’s unique pieces are unique for a simple reason: no one else would be able to design and craft such imaginative work full of such unexpected details.

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The Ethos

It is the central tenet of Theo Fennell that jewellery and silverware should be original, beautifully crafted and designed, with immaculate attention to detail.

Our Heritage

Theo Fennell is generally acknowledged as Britain's foremost designer of jewellery and silverware.

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"Jewellery should be something talismanic and precious, beautifully made to last and not at the ephemeral whim of fashion: it should be truly owned. Jewellery has that power - it is a very romantic, sexy and emotional thing."

Theo Fennell


Theo Fennell’s great exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, changed many people's perceptions about what jewellery can be.

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Royal College of Art

We have sponsored The Theo Fennell annual awards at the Royal College of Art since 2004.

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"I’m not a great expert on jewellery, but the argument that it will be around when everything else in civilisation’s gone, impress me and I can see why."

"I am thrilled to be able to help in any way with the CSM jewellery course, with the Goldsmiths’ Centre and to sponsor the RCA prizes. Anything to get young people into this brilliant trade, and the level of talent on display every year is extraordinary."

Theo Fennell

Central St Martin's

Theo is the current sponsor of the Central St Martin’s Degree Show, in which BA Jewellery Design students present their final collections to the industry and public. 

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Masterpiece London

Theo Fennell were delighted to exhibit this summer at Masterpiece London for the fourth year at the South grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

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