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We specialise in designing and making unique pieces here in our studio and our workshop, home to some of the most highly skilled craftspeople in the world. We use many materials and techniques, some as old as time and some more revolutionary to create what we believe to be work that will become prized not just now but for generations to come.

Every piece has a story to tell and is a marvel of ingenuity, a little masterpiece that becomes intensely personal to its owner.

Our Creative Director & Founder

“Theo Fennell will become one of a handful of names who will be collected in his own right.”

Martyn Downer -Former Director of Jewellery at Sotheby’s, London

Beautifully Designed & Exquisitely made Jewellery and Silver

From its earliest days, almost forty years ago, the aim of this company was to design and hand-make really original, beautifully designed and exquisitely made jewellery and silver.

Our mantra then was that we were a design-led business. At the time, this was a very original and radical concept and, despite many others in the trade affecting to adopt it, we believe we have been the only ones who have stuck to this principle through thick and thin; despite many attempts to drag us into the mainstream.

This is the ethos of the company and the reason Theo started the company and still remains bound to it.

There is a sunlit place for original, unique and stunningly crafted work that doesn’t bow to mass-production and insincerity and, it seems, more lovely people agree with us than ever.

“Jewellery and silverware should be engaging and often romantic as well as beautiful. Above all, it should give a thrill of pleasure every time it is looked at or worn.”

Theo Fennell -Creative Director & Founder


We believe implicitly in continuing the great traditions of British craftsmanship and the genius and originality of its design. While we are huge respecters of tradition we have always been extremely inventive and have been the first to use many revolutionary techniques and new materials. We have committed ourselves to doing whatever we can to keep our fabulous trade alive for the young artists and artisans of today and, indeed, the future and it is by melding the old with the new that we breath so much life into our work.


We are passionate about what we do and each person who wears, uses or commissions one of our pieces becomes a member of this family and helps keep this flame alight.





More Than A Fashion Accessory

Through the extraordinary, revolutionary times of the seventies and eighties and through the years of vast conglomerates churning out the same pieces to sell all over the world, the company kept faith in the great traditions of hand-crafted work, full of skill and sentiment. The early work even now looks so fresh and original and that is why it is so highly prized.

We still hold these beliefs and ambitions and continue to make extraordinary work, sometimes classic and simple, sometimes theatrical and whimsical but we believe it should always bring pleasure.The influences and inspirations are as eclectic as ever and the work has a wit and delight that always shines through. The thrill of making such unusual and beautiful things so perfectly, with a team of such brilliance that anything can be realised, excites us more than ever.




The Great Traditions of British Craftsmanship

It was the obsession that jewellery and silver could be so much more than just a fashion accessory or a statement of wealth that led Theo to start this company. He has always believed that it should be something really special and indeed an art.

Having spent his boyhood around the world, but flying back to England for a traditional education, he then went to art school in the early seventies followed by an apprenticeship in the most Dickensian of silversmiths. So, when Theo started to design he had a mountain of visual references and a mesmerising collection of influences and inspirations to work with and these marked his work from then to now. His designs have always been full of wit and style and reference and it is this that makes them stand out and not just a ‘look’.

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