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Having a piece of jewellery or silverware specially made is one of the great pleasures of life. To commission something unique that will last for generations and to stamp your personality on it, when so much mass-produced and bland, is deeply rewarding. It is also simple, highly enjoyable and need not cost more than a piece off the peg.

How ‘bespoke’ the piece will be is up to you. It can be designed from scratch in the studio, worked around an idea you have or a stone you have, or just given some personal character to add subtle additions or engraving, perhaps.

The extraordinary skills of our multi-award winning studio and workshop, here above our flagship in the Fulham Road, mean we can make any piece of jewellery or silverware, however complex. The amazing variety of skills we have mean we can produce the most mind-boggling pieces and Theo himself is intimately involved in every piece.

From the first rough sketches, the final drawings, the work in progress and the eventual miniature work of art, you may watch your commission evolve and be as involved as you wish. If you prefer you can trust us as so many knowledgeable and happy patrons have.

Whether it is for you, your family, friends or associates, a lover or even a celebration of something not so romantic, we will try and show you, over the next few pages, what is possible and how simple it is to work with us producing something really memorable. 

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Step One

Ideas are discussed and rough sketches drawn with the customer, then technical drawings are created to view.

Step Two

We decide the best choice of stones, materials and techniques for the piece and the design is then signed off by the customer.

Step Three

The piece is put into our workshop, here above the store in the Fulham Road, and we choose the Master Craftsman best suited to the piece.

Step Four

The piece is lovingly hand-crafted and the stones are set in the workshop.

What Is Possible

Unlike so many jewellers and silversmiths, we love to do commissions.

From the simplest engagement ring or stud earrings, personalized with initials worked into the mount, to an enameled portrait in a minutely detailed locket the range is endless.

We just need a little time with you to discuss what you want to achieve, how much time we have to do it and how much you want to spend. We can then let you know what is possible, what stones, materials and techniques you can choose from and explain to you what it will take to make the idea into a reality.

We can create absolutely original ideas to suit you, or work with your concept and indeed your stones. We want you to enjoy being a part of the process because we believe that, once you have had something especially made, you will truly understand the difference.

It is truly simple to commission a piece.

So, do please contact any of our sales staff at any of our outlets or come and see us in the Fulham Road and we can show you the studio and workshops.

We look forward to seeing you. 

Some Ideas To Get You Started...

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