The Relationship

Central Saint Martins is one of the most famous art colleges in the world. Theo was made a Fellow of the UAL last year and this overarching University also has an alumni base and benefactor base second to none in the creative world. Theo spends time at Central Saint Martin’s mentoring and advising some of the students. We sponsor their degree show and end of year prizes, as well as holding a competition to design the best piece around four stones, which we provide. We then take the winners under our wing while we make up the winning pieces and display them in our Fulham Road showroom and also on our website.

Central Saint Martins 2017 Winners

Our work with Central Saint Martins is fundamental to the desire to pass on the legacy of beautifully designed, hand-crafted jewellery and silverware are to the next generations.

We celebrate the achievements of three very special jewellery designers from Central Saint Martins; Sabina Dragusana, Holly O’Hanlon and Erica Heng, who have been personally selected by Theo to win awards for their works of art.

Sabina Dragusanu

Sabina Dragusanu is a Romanian jewellery designer based in London. Sabina’s craftsmanship turns away from conventional jewellery materials. Instead she appreciates the beauty of nature and constantly looks for ways to express that. Winner of the 2017 Theo Fennell Prize for Best Design.


The Work

Sabina’s ‘Contemporary Embroidery’ collection highlights her passion with the Romanian embroidery that comes from her roots. Every symbol has a meaning and a reason as to why it is there. Taking inspiration from her Romanian background, she reinterprets today’s society in an original way. Using simple, yet old and traditional techniques, she creates pieces of jewellery through working with wood, fabric, rope and occasionally, metal. Her style is minimal, reminding us, through its simplicity and primitive-like techniques, of our ancestors.

Holly O’Hanlon

Holly O’Hanlon is an Irish jewellery designer and new graduate from Central Saint Martins already achieving recognition. Holly’s unique jewellery compositions draw attention to the overlooked and mundane details of our surroundings which we often miss on our daily journeys. The way in which people interact with everyday objects, the associations and feelings the familiar can evoke is central to her work. Winner of the 2017 Theo Fennell Prize for Best Overall.


The Work

Holly’s finely detailed brooches of slate, steel and precious metals reflect her observations of decay and of layers of decomposing posters and signs on walls. Her aim is to give priority to the overlooked, utilitarian or mundane and, in particular, to elements that remain from a practical task. Deceptive, playful and engaging, the jewellery aims to still a moment between a purposeful action and its lasting remains.

Erica Heng

Erica Heng is a multi-disciplinary designer and illustrator currently residing in Singapore. In 2017, she graduated from Central Saint Martins with a First Class Honours in BA Jewellery Design. Winner of the 2017 Theo Fennell Prize for Best Technical Achievement.


The Work

‘Arsenal’ is Erica’s graduate collection, a series of contemporary menswear adornments that address the decline of traditional suit accessories. Inspired by the world of fictional espionage, her pieces are designed to look like re-purposed gadgets and paraphernalia of a decommissioned spy.

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