The Relationship

The Royal College of Art is the most successful and prestigious art college in the world. Theo regularly visits and mentors the students. For over 10 years we have judged, voted and given out Theo Fennell prizes. There is an additional competition to design the best piece around four stones, which we provide. We then display the winners’ work in our Fulham Road showroom for a week in September, launched with a drinks party for students, clients and press and much media activity.

The Royal College of Art 2018 Winners

Our work with The Royal College of Art is fundamental to the desire to pass on the legacy of beautifully designed, hand-crafted jewellery and silverware are to the next generations.

We celebrate the achievements of three very special jewellery designers from The Royal College of Art; Joanne Guiraud, Sadi Yetkili and Kathleen Reilly, who have been personally selected by Theo to win awards for their works of art.

Joanne Guiraud

Joanne Guiraud is a Swiss jewellery designer and maker based in London and trained at the prestigious Royal College of Art. Interested in the notion of pleasure and pain, she explores the erogenous world, looking for the right balance between power and fragility. She brings attention to the sensation of jewellery on the skin, believing touch has a power to change the way we feel. By challenging placement, she activates feelings on the body and creates new ways of wearing jewellery.


The Work

Her first collection celebrates sensuality and femininity and questions perception and how what you see is different from what you feel. She has created something that exists between the seen and the unseen, the private and the public, the real and the imagined. An erotic place mixed with darkness and lightness, which express the preciousness of intimacy, the subtlety of a feeling, the boldness of the body.

Sadi Yetkili

Sadi Yetkili is a Cypriot artist, who recently completed his MA at The Royal College of Art in Jewellery and Metal. Before coming to London, he trained as a sculptor at the MSGSU in Istanbul, Turkey.


The Work

Inspired by our relationship to surroundings in the context of memory, Yetkili’s work derives from themes such as the cycle of life and death and objects of attachment.His way of working visits many different mediums and disciplines that come together to create a visual language. These methods translate into metalwork, glass, and installations where he combines his sculpture background with jewellery. Curating spaces by making and arranging objects is something that excites Yetkili greatly and he continues to develop his ideas, living and working in London as an artist.

Kathleen Reilly

Kathleen Reilly is a Scottish metalsmith and interdisciplinary maker based in London. Her work explores expectations of contemporary dining practice, designing and making subversive tableware. Reilly has exhibited and worked internationally and across the UK. Recent projects include a collaboration with Steinbeisser’s experimental gastronomy in Amsterdam and a nomination for the Talente Award in Munich.


The Work

The work challenges association and disassociation to create her own in between space. Everyday experiences were recorded poetically to create tangible works. Words were picked in which juxtapositions could form such as a dove egg and dove soap. Objects flux between circumstances while capturing ideas of fleeting moments or unconscious habits. With a focus on the power of material and composition to shift entrenched understandings.

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