Mammoth Ivory

Mammoth tusks are typically found deep frozen under the ice in Siberia where intrepid explorers spend the warmer months, which are obviously still bitterly cold, hunting these long-buried remains.

These mammoths’ tusks, which can exceed 13 feet in length, are steadily reemerging from the permafrost and are creating a prosperous trade that is benefitting the population of Arctic Siberia.

A single, good quality tusk can earn its finder a fortune. 

A rich, creamy, opaque white in colour with tell tale curved banded markings, this material works beautifully for carvings and we use it in cufflinks, pendants and rings and for carving our iconic skulls.

Description: As its name suggests, this is ivory from the long extinct Woolly Mammoths who roamed the earth tens of thousands of years ago, it is excavated from under the ice in Siberia.

Hardness: 2.5 – 3 on Mohs Scale

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