The Theo Fennell Story

We are absolutely determined that all our work should be original, beautiful, perfectly crafted and give pleasure for generations. We believe that the genius of jewellery and silverware is in the details; in caring as much about the back as the front.

We want the thought and care we put into our designs to shine through in the final piece. To create our unique work we are both disciples of the great traditions of British jewellery and silver, but also at the vanguard of new techniques and materials.

Our Ethos

We appreciate the huge technical skill and brilliance needed to be a master craftsman and the talent and dedication required to be a truly great designer. We understand that these skills are best used collectively to produce this wonderful work. That is why our workshop and studio have been together, in our flagship for over 40 years, encouraging and developing new talent by example.

Our Ethos

Our designs are original and beautifully presented and realised, a meld of the classic and the modern, the quirky, the simple and the theatrical; we want all our work to delight. We realise that our patrons are our greatest blessing and so should get superb service and enjoy every moment they spend with us.


Even though Theo’s upbringing exposed him to many cultures, his designs have a quintessentially British sensibility. Music halls and musicals, churches, pop art and music, theatre, literature, sport and architecture, fairgrounds and Greek classicism, Elizabethan art and poetry are just a few of the inspirations that jostle for top billing but all these refine down to jewellery and silverware that, however simple or theatrical, is always unique and beautifully made. .


Among many other things, Fairgrounds, Stained-Glass windows and the work of our patrons stimulates us and we believe that our modern patrons are no no different from those great patrons of antiquity, of the Renaissance or Georgian times without whom the wonderful works of those times would not have been made.

We believe our patrons all over the world love and understand our commitment. They know that we don’t make hundreds let alone thousands of the same piece. We just make create superb work for those who have their own sense of style and appreciate real originality and quality.

That is how we like it - to make glorious jewellery for marvellous people! Over the years we have built up an ever-expanding following with whom it has been both a privilege and a joy to work. We hope we have made people interested in all the facets of jewellery and silverware so that the pieces they have bought or commissioned from us have had far more meaning for them.

“Seeing someone abroad, on a beach or in a big city, wearing a piece of our jewellery gives me a huge buzz. I can rarely resist asking them about it and, almost invariably, the piece is as loved as a pet and has a wonderful story about how they came to possess it. I cannot tell you the pleasure it gives me.”

Our silverware sits on some of the finest tables in the world: it is presented at some of the grandest weddings and parties and awarded for some of the most prestigious successes in sport, the arts, the professions, academia and commerce. Yet we give the same, hand-made care and attention to a napkin-ring as a Formula One trophy, a silver chip-fork as a complete table service.

We have been making the best crafted, the most beautiful and the most extraordinary silverware for over forty years and, with all due modesty, believe we are the very best there is. Choosing from either our extraordinary range of finished work – which can be customised from our huge collection of motifs and embellishments - or having something bespoke, carries on the traditions of the great silversmiths and their patrons.

We hope our apprentices in both the studio and the workshop will carry on these traditions and continue to keep our patrons entranced for generations to come.

A history of us

For over 40 years we have been designing and making our own original, beautiful jewellery and silverware by hand in our workshops and studios in London’s Fulham Road. We have moved only once in all that time - 100 yards down the road from number 177 to number 169. This is where our heart is.


We first moved to The Fulham Road, then a quiet residential Chelsea street, in the early ‘80s so we could be near where many of our clients lived. We also needed to have our studio and workshop in the same building as our gallery, as we do to this day. Our use of bright, semi-precious stones along with the more traditional precious stones in our Bombe Rings, Skulls, Keys and Crosses became instantly recognisable.


Now attracting important customers from all over the world, we are also commissioned to design some of the most prestigious awards and trophies. We introduce our Tod, Weft and Twain designs and make our first 'Arts. Jonathan Yeo's brilliant nude painting for our Strip collection causes a sensation. We take on young apprentices and build our current flagship to our own specifications.


A much bigger company, we still only make one-offs and small collections which find their way to all corners of the earth. We begin our Portrait Collections and our Masterworks - which redefine what can be done with jewellery and Silverware. We created the first of our opening rings, carved rings and the Whip, Shaft and Phi collections. Our Gilded Youth initiative begins and in 2007 we hold an exhibition at The Royal Academy called Show Off.


Craftsmanship and originality of design is key. We make even more bespoke work for ever more glittering patrons. Our new Website, launches. New collections and limited editions, amongst which are Bees and Beasties, Trumpet and Celestial and our silver and crystal work are all still made with extraordinary attention to detail and engage an ever broader spectrum of customers. Gilded Youth expands to more colleges and we train up yet more apprentices to provide the skills for the future of our trade.

Visit our Gallery

We would be delighted to welcome you to our London Gallery. If you have any questions about our jewellery or silverware or if you would like to book a consultation, we look forward to hearing from you.

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