Jewellery Care


Be sure to handle your jewellery with care

Remove your jewellery when washing your hands or using corrosive products that could permanently damage precious metal, stones or pearls

Take your regular activities into consideration when wearing your jewellery, including potential for impact

Keep your jewellery away from intense sources of heat and extreme temperature changes

Precious Metals

18k White/Yellow/Rose Gold

To prevent damage to your white, yellow or rose gold jewellery, we recommend you store it safely away from other pieces to avoid unnecessary scratches. Gold should be kept away from harsh chemicals, such as cleaning and beauty products, to avoid discolouration to the metal.


Silver jewellery will naturally tarnish over time, the amount of tarnishing (oxidation) that occurs is dependent on the skin and care habits of the wearer. We recommend cleaning your jewellery using lukewarm soapy water and a soft brush and then finish by polishing with a soft cloth to prevent the natural process of tarnishing.


Platinum has the advantage of being a harder and a more durable than most wearable metals, however, it needs caring for in a similar way to your gold pieces. It is still prone to scratching so should be suitably stored to prevent it from rubbing against other pieces you may have. Again we would recommend you keep this away from any strong chemicals to avoid damaging or weakening the metal.

Caring for your precious stones


Diamonds are well known for their hardness on the Mohs scale, however they can still be chipped or cracked when knocked and care should be taken to avoid harsh contact when worn. Diamonds can be easily cleaned using a small amount of liquid soap in hot water and dried using a lint-free cloth to remove any dirt and grease to bring back its shine.


Porous gemstones, including amber, turquoise, opals and pearls can be stained by oils or liquids, so it’s important to avoid contact with face creams, lotions and household chemicals. Wash porous gemstones in lukewarm water and polish with a lint-free soft cloth.

Storing your jewellery


Pieces of jewellery become scratched when they come into contact with one another. We recommend you store them individually in the Theo Fennell case that you were given at the time of purchase.

You are strongly advised not to place several pieces of jewellery together without protection.


Chains should be closed and laid flat so as to avoid the formation of knots.

Silverware care


For the very best maintenance, keep your sterling silver pieces in a tarnish-resistant box, pouch, roll or case.

If you’re planning on storing a sterling silver piece for any length of time, sealing it in an airtight bag will protect it from oxidisation and humidity.

It is much easier to remove tarnish or dirt when it is recent and minimal. If you allow your silverware to become black with tarnish, it could potentially damage the metal alloy. Remember, the longer you go between cleaning, the harder it will be to restore the piece to its original condition.

For best results use a clean piece of lint-free, cotton wool and a reputable silver polish then clean and buff gently. Never use a duster. If it is oxidised beyond simple cleaning, bring it to our Flagship Gallery in Chelsea.

Glassware & Crystal 

It is best to rinse all glassware or crystal immediately after use. Decanters should be washed in warm water with a soft sponge and no detergent.

If misting occurs, pour in a handful of coarse salt with a half litre of spirit vinegar. Shake vigorously and rinse several times with warm water.

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