Turquoise has long been used for jewellery, being highly valued by ancient cultures including the Egyptians and South Americans. Typically it was carved into beads and cabochons but was also used for inlay work. It was believed to be a protective stone, guarding wearers from injury (highly recommended for the accident prone then!) and encouraging health and good fortune, whilst hunters would wear it to guarantee a successful hunt. 

Throughout history the finest turquoise has been found in the mountainous region of North Eastern Iran near the city of Nishapur. Today however, much commercial mining is carried out in the South Western states of America including Nevada and Arizona where there are dozens of mines, the most famous being Sleeping Beauty.

Description: Turquoise is a vibrant green-blue opaque gemstone that is prized for its wonderful colour which is caused by copper. It is found in Iran, the South-West of America and China amongst other places.

Hardness: 5 – 6 on Mohs Scale

Birthstone: December

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