Pearls Are Always Appropriate

I have always loved pearls. They are so redolent of the style and chic of so many ages and civilizations. Medieval Queens and Elizabethan Bucks wore them, Edwardian Beauties and Jazz Age Flappers were never without them and they still have that same elegance and wearability today. Their simplicity and birthplace makes them the most romantic of all the gems, and they are literally alive.

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Pearls come in five main lengths but one of their beauties is just how adaptable they are. Every length can be as formal or informal as you want. Longer rows can also be looped around the neck a few times or playfully knotted. A short length can be worn to the smartest party or with jeans, they will do whatever their wearer wants.

  • Choker, worn tight on the neck
  • Princess, slightly longer and worn at the nape of the neck
  • Matinee, a mid-length row that is always worn on top of clothes
  • Opera, a long row, to the waist, as fashionable now as it was in those other twenties, 100 years ago
  • Rope, an extra long row, a metre or so long that can be worn as a single row or coiled in many ways
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There are several different types of pearls all with their own unique combinations of colour, size and shape. We use mainly South Sea, Freshwater, Tahitian and Akoya pearls in our pieces of jewellery.


Create Your Own

Pearls are so adaptable and such a matter of personal style and taste that you might want to put together a set with different colours or shapes, perhaps choose your own clasp. All this is possible by looking at what we have here online. If you would prefer, just come into our Gallery and we can mix and match here.

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