Customisation and Bespoke Cufflinks

With our amazing craftsmen and the breadth of techniques and skills at our disposal, we can design and make pretty much anything here in our workshops, from the simplest hand-engraving to the most detailed miniature enamel portrait. We can carve stones into any animal or engrave and then paint a racing car into crystal. Whether you want a completely bespoke pair, a change of material to an existing design or an engraving, our cufflinks are minute and very personal works of art to be worn.

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Inspiration for your bespoke cufflinks can be anything;; a favourite place, a car, an animal, perhaps to commemorate a life-changing event or even to communicate an in joke. Whether you have a fully formed vision or not even a hint of an idea, we can work with you to make it happen, down to the very last detail.

Sketching and Design

We can bring your thoughts and inspirations to life, however simple or intricate your requirements, and translate them into the perfect design.’


The level of detail in our cufflinks is staggering. Each pair is crafted by hand in our workshop by our brilliant craftsmen who use a combination of time old traditions and new technology to achieve perfection.

Your finished piece

A unique pair of cufflinks, designed with you and created by our world renowned master craftsmen in our Fulham Road workshops.


Add initials, a name, a scene or an inscription, copied in your own handwriting, to transform even a simple pair of classic gold cufflinks into something unique and personal.

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Coloured Stones

If there is a Birth or Anniversary stone, a colour or a special gem you have in mind, we can find the best stones in the world set in any metal.

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Painted / Enamelled Scenes

We can perfectly portray in enamel your car in the garage, a much-loved horse in the stable, a floral boarder behind a garden gate, anything you wish and the level of detail is truly staggering. We reinvent the skills of those great miniatures of the Elizabethan Age, our links are hand painted in enamel and then fired in exactly the same way those great craftsmen did.

Select from a variety of extraordinary stones that our craftsmen can carve into the shape of your choice. From Pugs and Panthers to Frogs and Falcons, our carvers can create anything.

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