The double-headed design parts from tradition to place stones between the fingers and gives a very different aesthetic to a ring. It also allows some asymmetry and adventure with some otherwise classic designs.

These are small impressions or marks which are struck into a piece of jewellery or silver by official Assay Offices to guarantee the quality or fineness of the metal used, for example 750 for 18ct Gold and 925 for Sterling Silver. There are also marks to date a piece, to denote the maker or designer of the piece and also the place it was marked, e.g. London.

Everyone’s Hero is someone else’s Villain. It is interesting that there is virtually no-one that is universally admired or universally loathed, though some come very close.

We have chosen people that, we hope, will illustrate this and who are iconic for different reasons. They have been sculpted by the finest miniature portrait sculptor in the world.

As Theo Fennell has do often done before, these portraits revive one of the great traditional jewellery skills and makes genuine sculptures that are wearable art.

The name Heliodor derives from the Greek words ‘Helios’ meaning Sun and ‘doron’ meaning ‘gift’. 

This bright gem can range from a pale lemon yellow to a deep golden colour which is caused by iron. It is one of very few gems that can occur as pure true yellow without green, brown or orange tones and large, clean stones with a rich intense colour are particularly sought after. Yellow beryl is found in many different locations, some of the most important are Brazil, Madagascar and Namibia. There is a spectacular faceted golden beryl on display in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, at 2,054 carats it is the largest cut specimen in the world. 

Description: The Beryl family of gemstones has several important members, the most notable of which is Emerald, however it also has a beautiful yellow variety known as Heliodor. It is found in Brazil.

Hardness: 7.5 – 8 on Mohs Scale

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