Theo Fennell’s exquisite Reveal rings are typically elegant and beautiful. The Diamond rings are set in a unique and subtle way, allowing light to shine through each and every facet of the stones, creating the maximum sparkle from such a delicate piece. 

The Reveal Diamonds are available in a variety of different carat weights and cuts including princess, brilliant, oval, emerald, pear and heart shaped. As well as the simple solitaire settings, duo and trio Reveal rings are notably impressive, though nonetheless elegant and subtle.

Rubellite is a name given to members of the tourmaline family that have a really distinctive red or bright pink colour. There are many Tourmalines in the red and violet spectrum but only the most resonant in colour can be called Rubellite. 

Even the best stones often have inclusions but, so long as they don’t cloud the stone, they are normally tolerated, even by aficionados, but the cleaner the better. The best come from Brazil, Nigeria, Mozambique, Madagascar and Pakistan but some fabulous stones come from the USA also. These are beautiful stones in their own right and should not be thought of as too much the poor relation of Rubies and Spinels.

Description: Rubellite is a bright red or pink member of the Tourmaline family and one of its most exclusive and expensive members.

Hardness: 7 – 7.5 on Mohs Scale

Birthstone: Scorpio and Sagittarius

Ruby can range from brownish-red through pinkish-red to the ideal bright, deep red of the most valuable and sought after stones. The colour is caused by the presence of chromium. The higher the concentration the truer the red. Chromium can also cause fluorescence which contributes to the ‘glowing hot coal’ appearance of some rubies.

The finest quality stones traditionally came from Burma, the colour of which is often referred to as ‘Pigeon Blood’ but other important sources include Vietnam, Thailand and more recently Tanzania and Mozambique where Gemfields are mining some particularly fine stones.

Rubies have been prized for thousands of years across many cultures, they are mentioned several times in the Bible – the quote “The price of wisdom is above rubies” being familiar to most – by Pliny in his Natural History and were referred to as “the king of precious stones” in the ancient Sanskrit language. 

Ruby is the anniversary stone for 40 years of marriage, by which time they are well deserved! They are available in a wide spectrum of prices meaning we are able to source stones suitable for a range of projects.

Description: Ruby is the red variety of the Corundum family, all other colours being Sapphires, some of the most beautiful stones come from Burma.

Hardness: 9 on Mohs Scale

Birthstone: July

Rock crystal has been used in jewellery for thousands of years, some of the earliest beads and amulets are made of this gem material. It was easy enough to carve and polish but hard enough to withstand wear. It can sometimes contain attractive inclusions such as fine needles of golden rutile which is referred to as ‘angel hair’ quartz. It is found all over the world but some of the most important mining areas include Brazil, China and the USA. 

We use it to make our rather brilliant Lightbulb collection where its high transparency allows the light to reflect off the gold behind the rock crystal creating a truly luminous effect.

Description: Rock Crystal is the colourless, transparent variety of Quartz which is one of the most abundant minerals on earth. It can occur in huge crystals 

Hardness: 7 on Mohs Scale

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