Giving unworn jewellery a new lease of life.

‘Not surprisingly, we love redesigning and reviving old jewellery as giving an unused and unloved  piece a new life is immensely satisfying and it is quite astonishing what can be achieved.

We have been doing this for years and we are really good at inventing extraordinary pieces from what may seem very little. Believe me, it is as much fun for our customers as it is for us…it’s a magical experience.’

– Theo Fennell

Family Jewellery

It might be family jewellery that doesn’t suit, an old piece that is too damaged to repair or even something that has just lost its appeal.

We can use as much of the original as needed to give the piece a future while preserving its history….

Or we can transform it into something completely different, a sensational new piece of jewellery.

Loose Stones

We also work with loose stones, supplied by us or the customer’s own, to design mounts that suit both the gem and their wearer.

We can make a ‘Story Cuff’, for instance, from unworn pieces and stones, recycling memories or a necklace stringing together jewellery souvenirs….almost anything is possible.

Practical Reworking

Some jewels are simply old and out of favour but these, too, can be given a new life.

How much of the original piece or materials provided we use depends on how much of it you want to keep and also what suits the new design.

All these points can be discussed during the first consultation.

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