Trophies By Theo Fennell

The Trophy is always the most visible and important ingredient of any sponsorship and yet the one that often has little attention paid to its design and creation and so does little for the sponsor and disappoints its winner and the public.

It is the Trophy that gets the television, news and photo time and becomes the face of the sponsor. A beautiful, stylish and newsworthy Trophy can often become an icon for the sponsor and the event.

We spend a lot of time on the design to suit the sponsor so as to align the Trophy with what they do and to suit the nature of the event so it is not just another prize.

Do call us to discuss or visit our gallery to talk to our studio about what we may already have or what we can design and make for you.

EFA Trophy EFA Trophy

European Film Awards (EFA)

The European Film Academy Awards, the EFA's, are often called the European Oscars though the quality of the films is often higher!

They were first awarded from 1988 as the Felix awards and then, in 1997, Theo was asked to design and make a new trophy to reflect the burgeoning importance and prestige of the awards.

So the current, iconic, design of Europa was created and, 25 years later, a unique thing happened. Theo's daughter, Emerald Fennell, actually won one of the awards herself that her father had designed and made for 'Promising Young Woman', the film she wrote and directed.

Building Beauty Award EFA Trophy

Building Beauty Awards

These awards, new this year, were to celebrate the best of new British buildings and this trophy was created to be won by the best of the best.

Lord Foster of Thames Bank OM presented the 2022 awards at Bloomberg European Headquarters in the City of London on 21 November 2022.

The judging panel and the sponsors, all stars of the design and architectural world, commissioned Theo to design a trophy around their double-arch logo. He decided to use Portland stone, bronze, brick, copper, steel and silver – all classic building materials – to make this incredibly elegant piece. It is a perfect example of a trophy absolutely suiting its purpose.

Al Shaqab Lockinge Trophy Al Shaqab Lockinge Trophy Al Shaqab Lockinge Trophy Al Shaqab Lockinge Trophy

Al Shaqab Lockinge Trophy, Newbury

The sponsors of this great meeting at Newbury, of which The Al Shaqab Lockinge Stakes is the premier race, wanted a family of trophies that reflected the great traditions of racing while being modern and elegant.

They wanted the trophies to grace anywhere they might be put, whether home or trophy cabinet and, with their horse logo finial on top, subtly suggest their sponsorship.

These prizes have now become much sought after - not just for the winning of the great race and its prize money, but because they are so beautiful. They are always commented on by owners and trainers; a testimony to how much great design and craftsmanship can add value.

Building Beauty Award EFA Trophy

Richards-Botham Trophy

The brand new Richards-Botham Trophy was commissioned from Theo Fennell to replace the Wisden Trophy for future Test Cricket series between The West Indies and England.

To reflect the character of these great cricketing legends and the history of these two great cricketing nations, one bowl is based on a rummer and chased with palm fronds and the other is based on the neck of a ‘yard of ale’ and chased with willow leaves.

Thus the winners will drink out of their cup and then placed on the silver base with that end upwards until the next series.

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